Thank you Ryka Shoes

We would like to thank the employees at Ryka shoes for choosing ATT Evo to come workout and test a couple of their new women tennis shoes.

They came for the Cage Bootcamp class and here’s what a few of them had to say:

“The intensity was right on!”
“Jessica is GREAT-very Challenging”
“Great workout!  Even the rest breaks kept you moving in some capacity”
“Love the pace!  The class makes you want to push yourself further.”

They were so excited with the class and the results, that they could hardly wait to attend the next one.

Thank you again to Ryka Shoes and their employees.

If you are looking for something challenging and intense to add to your workout you need to try the Cage Bootcamp.

Cage Bootcamp

Friday : 9:30 Am

Call us today to find out more info 314.716.2186

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